Breaking things at Google’s init.g Security Workshop

Over the past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend init.g, an invite-only three-day cyber security workshop by Google for students from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, hosted in their London King’s Cross office. Out of the 40 attendees, I was the only one traveling from South Africa, but I quickly met some fantastic folks and Google employees that made the workshop a blast!

Setting up an Axis IP camera directly connected to a Mac via Ethernet

I managed to get hold of a (very!) old Axis 207W IP camera, and faced an interesting challenge: I needed it to connect to my WiFi network, but configuring its WiFi settings requires an Ethernet connection. As I didn’t have an Ethernet switch or router at my university flat, I decided to try connecting it directly via Ethernet to my Macbook Pro, using a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter – no special crossover cable needed!

Static sites: Migrating from Wordpress to Hugo

I recently moved this site over from Wordpress to Hugo, a popular static site generator, and only wish I’d had made the switch sooner. (I’ve also open-sourced the site on GitHub.) After years of running Wordpress, I had grown frustrated with the bloated and high-maintenance nature of the CMS that it is.

Converting LaTeX equations to images online with Docker and Node.js

As a LaTeX user that occasionally needs to use Microsoft Word, I often convert LaTeX math equations to images to include them in the documents. Let’s build something to make it easy! I came up with Node.js web app that allows LaTeX math equations to be entered and converted to PNG/JPG/SVG images.

SANReN Cyber Security Challenge 2017

As part of Team BitPhase from Stellenbosch University, we made it to the final round of the inaugural 2017 SANReN Cyber Security Challenge in early December 2017, hosted in parallel with the annual 2017 CHPC Conference. We were fortunate to leave as the winning team of the Main challenge!